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Payment Arrangements

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  • Average Billing

    • Does WTU offer a leveled or average payment plan to its customers?

      We do have such a plan, though it's called "Average Billing" at WTU. If you're interested in learning if this billing option is right for you, please call Customer Service at 1-866-322-5563 to speak with a helpful...

    • How does an Average Billing Plan work with WTU?

      As an Average Billing customer, we will calculate a set monthly invoice as a way to help your energy budget. You'll then be charged approximately the same amount each bill, though the amount could differ slightly each month based on taxes, pass-through charges, and other fees from the utility company for your area.

      We also review your electricity usage each month and make adjustments accordingly. Basically, what you're billed each month is a rolling average of your electric usage for the previous 11 months plus your usage from the current month. That amount is divided by 12, and we then factor in current rates and other outside elements.

      To be eligible for an Average Billing Plan:

      • Your account must be current and paid in full;
      • You must pay all subsequent WTU invoices on time;
      • You cannot be currently enrolled in a Payment Extension or Deferred Payment Plan;
      • You cannot be currently enrolled in Summary Billing; and
      • All the service addresses tied to your WTU account must be enrolled in the Average Bill...

      • How can I break my Average Billing Plan?

        There are four ways to break your Average Billing agreement with WTU. You can

        1. Miss two consecutive payments;
        2. Enroll in a Payment Extension or Deferred Payment Plan;
        3. Enroll in Summary Bill option; or
        4. Add new service addresses to your WTU account without enrolling them in Average Billing...

        5. What happens if I break my Average Billing Plan?

          If you break with your Average Billing Plan, we will remove it from your account, and the accumulated variance balance on your account will be due on your next...

        6. How can I opt out of Average Billing Plan?

          If you want to remove your WTU account from the Average Billing Plan, please call Customer Service at 1-866-322-5563 for help. Any unpaid average balance will be applied to your next bill:

          • Any credit on your Accumulated Average Balance will be applied to the balance on your next bill;
          • Any debit on your Accumulated Average Balance will be added to the balance due.

          If you move from your current address and do not transfer your WTU account to that address, your Average Billing plan will end on your final bill and the entire balance will become...

    • Deferred Payment

      • How does a Deferred Payment Plan work with WTU?

        A Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) is an agreement between WTU and you as our customer that helps you pay off an outstanding balance in installments.

        There are five criteria you must meet before you can sign up for a DPP:

        • No Insufficient Funds payments in the last 30 days;
        • No more than two (2) Insufficient Funds payments on your account in the last 12 months;
        • No Broken Payment Extensions in the last 90 days;
        • No Broken DPP's in the last six (6) months; and
        • Make the required 50% down payment.

        WTU can only create a DPP for your full overdue balance, and while a DPP can be set up for two to five installments, all the installments must be for equal amounts.

        Once you're on a DPP, your balance on your bill will show as "past due" until the DPP is paid completely in full. Also, you must keep paying your normal monthly bills while also paying your monthly DPP.

        If you want to learn more about a DPP with WTU, please call Customer Service at...

      • How can I break my Deferred Payment Plan?

        There are three ways to break a Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) with WTU. You can:

        1. Fail to pay your regular monthly bill in full by the due date;
        2. Fail to pay your DPP installment payment in full by the due date; or
        3. Have a payment declined because of insufficient funds.

        Once you break a DPP, you will not be able to enroll in another one for 6...

      • What happens if I break my Deferred Payment Plan?

        If you break your Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) with WTU, we will send you a letter stating that your entire DPP amount is due immediately. You will also be prevented from enrolling in another DPP for 6...

    • Payment Extension

      • How does a Payment Extension work with WTU?

        With a Payment Extension from WTU, your bill due date is extended for the short term to give you more time to make the full payment of your past-due balance. Doing this protects your account from being sent to a collections agency or receiving a Disconnection Notice.

        Unlike a Deferred Payment Plan (DPP), this is not a way to settle a past-due balance over a long period of time. Instead, WTU can offer you a Payment Extension only if it is less than seven (7) days past your original bill due date.

        Once we approve you for a Payment Extension, you must pay your balance in full within eight (8)...

      • What happens if I break the Payment Extension?

        If you fail to pay all of your past-due balance by the day you agreed to with WTU, the Payment Extension is considered broken, and we will send out a Disconnection Notice for your service...

    • Agency Pledges

      • How does an Agency Pledge work with WTU?

        With an Agency Pledge, an agency pledges to pay money on your behalf for a bill payment. When we receive a pledge for your account, you are enrolled in an Payment Extension, and the agency pledging money must pay that pledge within 45 days. Even with the pledge, you still must pay any balance the agency pledge didn't cover, as well as any balances on future bills.

        Basically, the agency pledge protects your account from disconnection, but only by the amount pledged by the agency. After the pledge is paid and applied to your account, you will not be protected, so need to pay other overdue balances, or you may be disconnected.

        If you have any specific questions about pledge and pledge payment details, you should contact the agency that made the pledge to your...

      • Will my bill show that I have received an agency pledge?

        You will not be able to see any details of a pledge on your bill. While your bill will reflect any payment made to your account, which could include a pledge, it will not describe any payment...

      • Why does bill still show a past-due balance when an agency pledge has been made for me on my behalf?

        Your bill reflect an unpaid, past-due balance until the agency sends in the pledge payment and it's applied to your...

      • What happens if my agency pledge expires, but my account balance doesn't change?

        In the event of any complication with the payment of the agency pledge, you should contact the agency who pledged to your account to learn what happened to the payment. From there, the agency should contact us at 1-866-322-5563 to discuss problems with the...

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