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Agency Pledges

  • How does an Agency Pledge work with WTU?

    With an Agency Pledge, an agency pledges to pay money on your behalf for a bill payment. When we receive a pledge for your account, you are enrolled in an Payment Extension, and the agency pledging money must pay that pledge within 45 days. Even with the pledge, you still must pay any balance the agency pledge didn't cover, as well as any balances on future bills.

    Basically, the agency pledge protects your account from disconnection, but only by the amount pledged by the agency. After the pledge is paid and applied to your account, you will not be protected, so need to pay other overdue balances, or you may be disconnected.

    If you have any specific questions about pledge and pledge payment details, you should contact the agency that made the pledge to your...

  • Will my bill show that I have received an agency pledge?

    You will not be able to see any details of a pledge on your bill. While your bill will reflect any payment made to your account, which could include a pledge, it will not describe any payment...

  • Why does bill still show a past-due balance when an agency pledge has been made for me on my behalf?

    Your bill reflect an unpaid, past-due balance until the agency sends in the pledge payment and it's applied to your...

  • What happens if my agency pledge expires, but my account balance doesn't change?

    In the event of any complication with the payment of the agency pledge, you should contact the agency who pledged to your account to learn what happened to the payment. From there, the agency should contact us at 1-866-322-5563 to discuss problems with the...

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