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Average Billing

Average Billing

  • Will my WTU bill amount be the same each month?

    Not necessarily. The amount could differ slightly from month to month based on taxes, pass-through charges, and other fees. Your usage is reviewed monthly and adjustments made to the installment amount based on your actual usage. Your...

  • Why does my average amount change every month?

    Your usage and payment history are reviewed monthly to determine if your account is ahead or behind in paying your energy usage. When you start on Average Billing, your monthly payment is calculated based on estimated usage. Each...

  • What is accumulated Average Balance?

    Average Accumulated Balance or "wash up" is the difference between what you have paid and what you have used. It may be a balance due or a credit owed. A wash up is done once a year or when the Accumulated Average Balance hits...

  • Why have I received a bill with a larger amount?

    If you have paid for more energy than you used, we owe you a credit. It will be subtracted from the balance due on the account (anything over the balance will be refunded to you). If you have paid for less energy than you...

  • Can I go on a Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) while on Average Billing?

    If eligible, you may request a Deferred Payment Plan, however, your Average Billing option will be cancelled.

  • Where can I see the amount of unpaid balance on my bill?

    The difference between your usage and what you pay is called the Accumulated Average Balance ( wash up). This can be found at the bottom of the first page of your bill in the "Average Billing Program" section.

  • Can I change my monthly payment amount?

    Monthly payment amounts cannot be adjusted or changed. They are calculated on the last 12 months usage/rate. Manual changes are not possible.

  • What happens if I cancel Average Billing or if I move?

    If you request to end Average Billing, your next statement will include any unpaid Accumulated Average balance (wash up).

  • Are there any terms in my Average Billing agreement that I must follow?

    Yes, there are four ways you can break the terms of your Average Billing amount: Two consecutive missed payments; Enrollment in a Payment Extension or Deferred Payment Plan; Enrollment in Summary Bill option Adding premise...

  • How does an Average Billing Plan work with WTU?

    Average Billing evens out your electricity costs and simplifies your budget. Pay an averaged bill amount each month and avoid seasonal energy cost spikes. If you've been a WTU for 12 months, we'll use that history to determine...

  • How do I qualify for Average Billing?

    For existing customers, your payments are current All your subsequent invoices must be paid on time Your are not currently enrolled in a Payment Extension or Deferred Payment Plan Your are currently not enrolled in Summary...

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