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Average Billing

  • Does WTU offer a leveled or average payment plan to its customers?

    We do have such a plan, though it's called "Average Billing" at WTU. If you're interested in learning if this billing option is right for you, please call Customer Service at 1-866-322-5563 to speak with a helpful representat...

  • How does an Average Billing Plan work with WTU?

    As an Average Billing customer, we will calculate a set monthly invoice as a way to help your energy budget. You'll then be charged approximately the same amount each bill, though the amount could differ slightly each month based...

  • How can I break my Average Billing Plan?

    There are four ways to break your Average Billing agreement with WTU. You can Miss two consecutive payments; Enroll in a Payment Extension or Deferred Payment Plan; Enroll in Summary Bill option; or Add new service addresses...

  • What happens if I break my Average Billing Plan?

    If you break with your Average Billing Plan, we will remove it from your account, and the accumulated variance balance on your account will be due on your next bill.

  • How can I opt out of Average Billing Plan?

    If you want to remove your WTU account from the Average Billing Plan, please call Customer Service at 1-866-322-5563 for help. Any unpaid average balance will be applied to your next bill: Any credit on your Accumulated Average...

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