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Payment Extension

  • How does a Payment Extension work with WTU?

    With a Payment Extension from WTU, your bill due date is extended for the short term to give you more time to make the full payment of your past-due balance. Doing this protects your account from being sent to a collections agency or receiving a Disconnection Notice.

    Unlike a Deferred Payment Plan (DPP), this is not a way to settle a past-due balance over a long period of time. Instead, WTU can offer you a Payment Extension only if it is less than seven (7) days past your original bill due date.

    Once we approve you for a Payment Extension, you must pay your balance in full within eight (8)...

  • What happens if I break the Payment Extension?

    If you fail to pay all of your past-due balance by the day you agreed to with WTU, the Payment Extension is considered broken, and we will send out a Disconnection Notice for your service...

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