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Budget Pass

Budget Pass

  • What is Budget Pass?

    Budget Pass is a low-cost, nonrefundable charge offered by WTU Retail Energy as an option for people to quickly activate their electricity service with us, as opposed to paying a deposit.

  • Why should I choose Budget Pass to help start my electricity service?

    Paying the Budget Pass means paying a lower upfront cost to start your electricity service. This equals more money in your pocket now when you need it.

  • Why is WTU Retail Energy offering a Budget Pass?

    We know our customers need flexibility and options when they sign up with us, and Budget Pass is one way of accomplishing this. This low-cost, nonrefundable charge is an easy way to get started being our customer, as opposed to...

  • Does Budget Pass apply to my final bill?

    No. Budget Pass only ensures a low, upfront cost to get your electricity service activated. You will be responsible for paying your final bill in full.

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