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  • How can my neighbor's lights be on, but my electricity is still out?

    Your neighbor's electrical service may be provided by a different circuit that was not affected by the storm, or your trouble may be isolated to the transformer serving your house and not your...

  • What is WTU's privacy policy?

    WTU respects your privacy. While we are committed to helping you manage the cost of your electricity, we also understand that's just one part of managing your entire budget. That's why we would like to make valuable, cost-saving offers available to you. Our select partners will make these products and services available exclusively to WTU customers.

    If you do not want to receive exclusive product and service offerings from our select partners, please mail your request to the following address and include your name, address and electric service account number:

    WTU Retail Energy
    P.O. Box 180
    Tulsa, OK 74101-0180

    You can also view WTU's complete privacy...

  • What if I need more time to pay my bill? What payment options are available?

    Based on qualifications, you may be eligible for one or more of the following:

    Payment Extension Plan

    Provides a short-term extension to pay the full amount of a past due bill.

    Deferred Payment Plan

    Allows you to pay past due bills in installments over a period of time. Before starting a Deferred Payment Plan, we may ask you to pay a small down payment (no more than 50% of the amount due). If you establish a Deferred Payment Plan, we'll confirm the details of the plan in writing.

    Budget Billing Plan

    Allows you to pay about the same amount each month. Usage is reviewed each quarter to determine if adjustments are necessary. This program is available if you have no unpaid balance and requires at least 12 months of actual or estimated usage history at your current residence.

    For more information on payment options, contact our Customer Care center toll free at 1-866-322-5563, Monday through Saturday between 7:30 a.m. and 8 p.m.,...

  • How do I get an energy audit for my home?

    Please visit the free Home Energy Center on our website to find out if your home energy is efficient. The test will tell you if your home is energy efficient, which appliances use the most energy, and how much you can save. Completing your home profile is the first step towards managing your energy bills and saving...

  • How do I know my electric meter is reporting my usage accurately?

    You can request a meter test once every four years at no cost. If you request additional tests during this time period and your meter is determined to be functioning properly, you will be charged a fee at the rate approved for AEP, your local distribution...

  • What is a Retail Electric Provider?

    A Retail Electric Provider (or REP) is a company that has been approved by the Texas Public Utility Commission to sell electric services. If you are a CPL Retail Energy customer, then CPL Retail Energy is your...

  • What is electric deregulation?

    In the past, one company provided all parts of your electric service (generation, transmission and distribution, and retail sales). With deregulation, these entities are now separate and you have the power to choose whom you would like to serve you as your retail electricity provider. Keep in mind that the local distribution utility, will continue to read your meter, service your poles and wires so you will continue to receive electricity like you always...

  • What is a kWh?

    This stands for "kilowatt-hour" and it is the unit of measurement for the electricity used in your home over...

  • Do you waive the deposit?

    You may be eligible to have WTU Retail Energy waive the deposit requirement if you meet one of the following criteria:

    62 or older
    If you are 62 years of age or older, please send us a copy of your or your spouse's driver's license or state ID. You must not have any overdue electricity payments.

    Victim of domestic violence
    If you are a victim of domestic violence as recognized by the Texas Council on Family Violence, you can send us a completed and signed certification letter from the Texas Council on Family Violence to confirm your status.

    Letter of credit
    If you have been a residential customer of any retail electric provider or an electric utility within the last two years and were not late paying a bill more than once in the last 12 months, please contact your current electricity provider to provide a letter of credit on your behalf.

    Letter of guarantee
    A letter of guarantee is a letter from someone who is already a current WTU Retail Energy customer in good standing and who will act as a guarantor for your WTU Retail Energy account.

    Medically indigent
    If you are considered medically indigent as certified by a government entity or government-funded energy assistance program provider and physician, please provide us with documentation.

    For any of the situations above, you can send us your information by:

    • Fax at 1-866-791-4331, Attn. Deposit Waiver
    • Mail at:
      Attn. Deposit Waiver
      P.O. Box 180
      Tulsa, OK 74101-0180, United States

    Once we receive your documentation, we'll let you know that we've sent a request for your WTU Retail Energy service to begin. Remember, we cannot send the order to start your electric service until we confirm your status, so please send us the forms as soon as you can. We will hold your enrollment for 30 days or until this information is received, whichever comes...

  • Who can I talk to if a member of my household is on life support or requires critical care?

    If availability to electricity is necessary to survival for someone in your household, WTU Retail Energy needs to know.

    Here is what you'll need to do:

    • Download the Critical Care Form. It is available here in English and Spanish.
    • Bring this to your physician. He/she will fill it out for you and fax it to your TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Service Provider, also known as your utility company). The TDSP fax numbers are on top of Page 1 of the Critical Care Form.

    Important: your physician should fax the form to your TDSP, NOT WTU Retail Energy. Your TDSP maintains that list and verifies your Critical Care status, and then will contact WTU Retail Energy on your behalf so that we can note the status on your account.

    If you need more information on how to get your service address place on the Critical Care list maintained by the TDSP for your residential area, our Customer Care representatives can be reached at 1-866-322-5563 and are available to assist you Monday – Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. CST....

  • What if I am tax exempt?

    You should fax your completed tax exemption certificate to our Customer Care Center at 1-866-348-4193 or mail us a copy of the certificate to the following address in order to process your exemption:

    WTU Retail Energy
    PO Box 180
    Tulsa, OK 74101-0180
    Unless we have a certificate on file, we are required to charge you sales...

  • I just signed up for an electricity plan, but the screen now says Order Pending. What does that mean?

    For non-prepaid products, "Order Pending" means we could not verify your identity using the information that was provided. To protect your identity and confirm we are signing up the right person and home with WTU Retail Energy, we need to collect some additional information from you.

    Please call 1-866-968-8083 from Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM, and provide the following:

    • Customer Name
    • Daytime Contact Phone Number
    • Account Number

    An agent from our Exceptions Department will contact you within 24-48 business hours.

    If you have any questions about this process, please call us at 1-888-305-3828 or e-mail us at wturetailenergy@directenergy.com....

  • Do I need to pay a deposit if I sign up for electricity service with WTU?

    WTU offers several easy options for you to pay the deposit. Call our Customer Care center toll free at 1-866-322-5563. Representatives are available to assist you Monday through Saturday between 7:30 a.m and 8 p.m, CST.

    Representatives can help you:

    1. To have deposit payment automatically deducted from your credit card. Additional fees apply when paying with these options.
    2. To find a walk-in pay station that will accept deposit payment in your area. Walk-in payment stations may charge an additional payment fee. Or vist our Service Locator to find a pay-station close to you.
    3. To learn more information about selecting a Guarantor for your account. A Guarantor must be a customer with WTU and have a good payment...

    4. How Can I Have a Switch Hold Removed?

      Getting a switch hold removed from your new service address is pretty easy. Start by downloading a New Occupant Statement (NOS) here. Next, just fill out the form completely, and sign it.

      Before you send it to us, you also need one of these four documents:

      • A copy of a signed lease agreement (in its entirety) in your name
      • A notarized Affidavit of Landlord (download a blank template here)
      • Closing documents in your name for purchase of the property
      • An electric bill in your name dated within the last two months from a different service address

      When you have the necessary documents ready, you can send them to us by e-mail at Enrollment.Exceptions@DirectEnergy.com or by faxing them to 1-866-814-3021. Our recommendation is that you send the documents to us via e-mail, as it's faster and more effective.

      If you prefer using traditional mail to send us your documents, please use the following address: Enrollment Exceptions, 6502 South Yale Avenue #300, Tulsa, OK 74136. As it can take an additional 5 business days for us to receive your documents through the mail, this can slow down the...

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